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27-Oct-23 Evening Edition
(5:00 PM)
What Can We Learn From Other Countries?
14-Jul-23 Redefining Success
(3:00 PM)
Pedalling to New Heights
Kannan Murugasan, Cyclist & Personal Trainer
24-Dec-19 The Daily Digest
(2:30 PM)
The Big Swole
Adly Almanzo Mohd Adnan, personal trainer
16-Aug-19 Open For Business
(10:00 AM)
Putting Pet-care Online
Agnez Lim, JomPaw
18-Dec-18 Open For Business
(10:00 AM)
First Class Fitness with Babel
Jacq Ng, Babel
20-Aug-18 Raise Your Game
(11:00 AM)
Moving Between Industries: A Tale Of Transferable Skills
Nicholas Chin, Youth Programmes Lead
13-Jun-17 Enterprise Explores
(12:00 PM)
Fintech Startups, How Googlers Avoid Burnout, Insulate Your House: Chicken Feathers
Richard Bradbury | Arvindh Yuvaraj
09-Jun-17 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Doctor in the House: Fitter Men, Fewer Problems
Dr George Lee, Consultant Urologist | Noel Chelliah, Fitness Trainer
20-Feb-17 Today's BizTalk
(8:47 AM)
Net Impairment Drags Down EPF's Performance
The Morning Run Crew
26-Jan-17 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Voice and the Actor
Erica Tobolski, Voice and Speech Trainer, and Associate Professor, University of South Carolina | Tung Jit Yang, Theatre Practitioner and recent graduate from NYU Tisch School of the Arts
01-Dec-16 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Injury Management
Karen Siah, Personal trainer | Jess Lim, Senior physiotherapist
01-Aug-16 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Boutique Gym vs Commercial Fitness Franchise
Karen Siah, Personal Trainer
31-Jul-16 Enterprise Wrap
(11:00 AM)
Enterprise Wrap Up - 31st July 2016
Othniel Ting | Tasha Fusil
30-Oct-15 Raise Your Game
(11:00 AM)
Tools For Transformation Series - NLP in Training
Sheila Singam, Human Equation | Punitha Veni Muthusamy, Intan
23-Oct-15 Careers Unusual
(1:40 PM)
Careers Unusual - The TRX Master Trainer
Rodney Fernandez
07-Oct-15 Raise Your Game
(11:00 AM)
Removing the Blindfold Series #1 “Don’t Turn Around, Focus Forward”
Aida Adnan, AidaAdnan

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Popcorn Culture (REPEAT)

Throwback: Treasure Planet

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The Pulse (REPEAT)

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