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Weekend Supplement

  • The Lighter Side Of Serious Business

  • Your supplement post rush hour and on the weekends. Our staples on everything outside of stock markets and finance. Yes, that means "all the fun stuff". Tune in for a myriad discussion on fashion, music, philosophy, lifestyle, the arts and more.

Weekend Supplement

Current Shows

  • Style File

    The glitz and glamour on radio! From couture to pret-a-porter, our fashionistas Adeline Choong and Emma Chong Johnston (Elle Malaysia) keeps you abreast with the latest runway trends. Stay on the pulse with what’s brewing in the fashion industry, as we chat up the svengalis of the fashion world both here and abroad.

  • I Love KL

    As beautiful bustling KL is, the capital city can also be scary & intimidating place for many. Providing a helping hand to explore the undiscovered gems and stories from in and around the greater valley - Saturdays at 1pm - I Love KL, the show that brings you closer to the people and places of our beloved capital.

  • Pick of the Pops

    The best of pop music from the ‘50s to 80s’ with your host, Patrick Teoh. Travel back to simpler times and relive the past with tunes that top the billboard charts all those years ago!

  • Wavelength

    With our eyes set on unearthing the freshest undiscovered sounds from unexpected places, we widen our scope with hand-picked musical selections from all across Asia. Featuring new envelope-pushing discoveries, cross-geographical collaborations and oriental flavours fit for an emperor.

  • A Bit of Culture

    A trio of speakers spearheaded by Kam Raslan veer into the extraordinarily vast world of arts, creativity and pop culture. Each episode they’ll talk three topics of choice and also recommend a cultural piece that you ought to check out.

  • Night School

    More fun than it sounds! Ahmad Fuad Rahmat and Sharaad Kuttan discuss philosophical theories, social trends, and counterculture ideas that we know must exist but don’t usually talk about.

  • Muddy Confluence

    A music show like no other - Rich Bradbury, Daryl Ong, Matt Armitage and Othniel Ting will be looking into their crystal ball of tunes, introducing you to some lesser known gems from the past, present and future.

  • 33RPM

    Zack Yusof gives you an interesting selection of music and his insights on the style, the singers and the stories behind the songs.

  • Take Five

    Join us as we spin you our weekly collection of jazz music, sweeping across multiple sub-genres, comprising of both contemporary and classic compositions.

  • The Flow

    Your steady stream of groove-based Neo-soul, House, RnB & Hip-Hop jams for your listening pleasure. Featuring chilled out beats double-boiled in jazz chords, soulful vocals and rare grooves.

  • Into The Blue

    Into The Blue is a show dedicated solely to discover and explore the latest tracks and releases of the week. Join your host, Tim Sharp as he spins you a fresh mix of eclectic tunes from all over the globe.

  • TED Radio Hour

    A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions and new ways to think and create. Based on the riveting TED talks from the world's most remarkable minds. Sundays at 5pm.

  • Bila Larut Malam

    “Bila Larut Malam” aims to be a Malay-language magazine show dedicated to exploring the nuances of cultural trends and modern phenomenon that we sometimes overlook. As the name suggests, the programme is broadcasted on Thursday, 12AM.

Past Shows

  • In Case You Missed It

    What you read isn't necessarily what you get. Here on "In Case You Missed It" we read between the blurred lines in the age of propaganda and mass media. Join Sharyl Kaur and Haniff Baharudin as they analyse and critique the media.

  • Ticket To Ride

    The first show of its kind on Malaysian English radio, Ticket To Ride seeks to awaken the wanderlust in all of us. Whether its the cool climes of the Nordic countries or the sunny beaches of Thailand that you're after, this show is the just the ticket for those seeking the authentic experience in travel. Tune in to our travel show, Ticket to Ride, Thursdays 9pm with Azura Rahman and Adeline Choong, as we seek to awaken the wanderlust in all of us.

  • That Time Of Night

    That Time Of Night (#TTON) is the new evening show on BFM89.9. It’s a magazine show with a difference; featuring the movers and shakers of the social media world, musicians, actors, singers, dancers. comedians - you name it we’ve got it. And if we don’t have it we want it!

    Hosted By Rich Bradbury and featuring Adeline Choong, it features elements that include interviews, quizzes, audience interaction and live music.

    That Time Of Night is the new destination for your dial. Weekdays from 9pm until 10pm. Only on BFM 89.9.

  • Bar None

    The only sports show on Malaysian airwaves that’s not all about footie! Audrey Raj & Angeline Teh scale the highs of extreme sports, explore unconventional sporting activities in your community, and give you exclusive one-on-ones with your favorite athletes.

  • Feeding Time

    Your essential listening guide to all things delicious. Fronted Fay Khoo, bolshie food critic, Feeding Time interviews industry players and dedicated foodies on topics revolving around the culinary business. Fay also reviews the occasional restaurant you might want to know about.

  • Very Noise

    Heavy metal, noise, punk, hardcore -- these sounds are definitely not aural torture. Very Noise, as the name suggests, explore sounds that are loud, aggressive and in-your-face. It may not be for the faint hearted, but if you like music that packs a little extra punch then this will blow your mind.

Regular Guests

  • Ahmad Fuat Rahmat

    Ahmad Fuat Rahmat

    Research Fellow at the Islamic Renaissance Front.

  • Kam Raslan

    Kam Raslan

    Writer and columnist.

    view website
  • Florence Song

    Florence Song

    Style Lead at Zalora.

    view website
  • Patrick Teoh

    Patrick Teoh

    A husband, father, grandfather, actor and generally misunderstood person.

  • Zack Yusof

    Zack Yusof

    Husband, parent, musician, liberal free thinker and long suffering Evertonian.

  • Tim Sharp

    Tim Sharp

    Full-time music junkie from Sydney via Auckland.

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