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19-Jul-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep250
Kimal Mokhtar, Margasatwa
12-Jul-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep249
Cønfucius, Ikhlas Mansoor, Sharvesh | Ninu
05-Jul-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep248
Elephant Gym
28-Jun-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep247
Aizat Amdan, Ai.Z | Senna
22-Jun-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep246
21-Jun-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep245
Lucinda Chua | Shan & Shaq, Kyoto Protocol
14-Jun-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep244
Tseng Kuo-Hung, Sunset Rollercoaster
31-May-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep243
Rifan Kalbuadi | NYK
24-May-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep242
Hakim, Apap & Ami, FUGŌ | Lil Asian Thiccie
17-May-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep241
Alena Murang | Azrul Zainal & Omar Aiman, Jaggfuzzbeats
10-May-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep240
03-May-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep239
Farhan Fauzi
26-Apr-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep238
Gard | Wuzgut | Leon Sapphire
19-Apr-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
The Future of Karaoke in Your Pocket
EsmondSings & David Cha
12-Apr-21 Wavelength
(11:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep236
05-Apr-21 Wavelength
(10:00 PM)
Wavelength Ep235
Allester Shaun | MonoloQue

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10:00 AM

Pick of the Pops (REPEAT)

POTP Epi405 - Popular Songs From 60s to 80s; Patrick Teoh

12:00 PM

Bar None (REPEAT)

An Olympic Games Like No Other; Kantaro Komiya, Sports Journalist at Associated Press

1:00 PM

Ringgit and Sense (REPEAT)

What To Do If I Can't Get Life Or Medical Insurance?; VP Thanga, Executive Director and Licensed Financial Planner, Blueprint Planning

1:30 PM

The Property Show (REPEAT)

July 2021 Property Legal Clinic - Deals, Defaulters And Death?; Ainal Marlinda, Partner, Zul Rafique & Partners

2:00 PM

Cruise Control (REPEAT)

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz A 250 Is A Stylish Alternative To The Golf GTI;

3:00 PM

By the Book (REPEAT)

Book Club July 2021 - Somewhere Else, Another You; William Tham, writer

4:00 PM

The Bigger Picture (REPEAT)

Law & Behold #39 - Parliament 2021 - Revocations, Royal Rebukes, a Constitutional Crisis?; New Sin Yew, Lawyer

5:00 PM

TED Radio Hour

6:00 PM

Earth Matters (REPEAT)

Grooving to the Mangrove Beat Part 1 - Mangroves Matter!; ​​Dr. A Aldrie Amir, Senior Lecturer / Research Fellow, LESTARI-UKM’s Head of Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability Research Centre

6:30 PM

Earth Matter (REPEAT)

Macaranga Wrap-up - July 2021; Wong Siew Lyn, Co-Founder, Co-Editor and Writer, | Law Yao Hua, Co-Founder, Co-Editor and Writer,

7:00 PM

Take Five (REPEAT)

8:00 PM

The Flow (REPEAT)

9:00 PM

The Selector