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23-Feb-23 I Love KL
(9:00 PM)
Lot 19 Skatepark - Skateboarding Haven
Nurfitri Ali Saleh , Founder, Lot 19 Skatepark
15-Jul-21 I Love KL
(9:00 PM)
You’re Never Too Old to Skate
Azwadi Zairi Rozaini (Awad), Skate Tua
11-Dec-20 The 6AM Stretch
(6:05 AM)
How Do The Young And Old Talk Business Now?
07-Jul-20 Bar None
(9:00 PM)
S2E100: The Legend of Pa'din
Pa'din Musa, Pro Skateboarder
04-Apr-19 I Love KL
(9:00 PM)
Girls Jom Skate
Dianne Tahir, Girls Jom Skate | Khoo Wei Yeng, Girls Jom Skate
18-Nov-17 I Love KL
(1:00 PM)
No Frills, Just Thrills
Naqib Idris, Cherry Bomb Board Co. | Lim Shen Hao, Cherry Bomb Board Co. | Omar Baharum, Cherry Bomb Board Co.
15-Jun-16 That Time Of Night
(8:00 PM)
Khairil Bahar
Khairil Bahar, Director

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