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09-Dec-21 Tech Talk
(11:00 AM)
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Ling Lu, Jabra Asia Pacific
23-Feb-17 Tech Talk
(1:00 PM)
February 2017 Round Up with PC Mag SEA
Victor Yap, PC Mag SEA
30-Dec-16 Careers Unusual
(1:30 PM)
The Year Where No Job was Left Unturned
2016 Careers Unsual Guests
30-Dec-16 Tech Talk
(1:00 PM)
Geeks Squawk Ep 281 - Goodbye 2016
Jeff Sandhu | Freda Liu | Matt Armitage
29-Dec-16 Tech Talk
(1:00 PM)
PC Mag Round Up - Year 2016
Victor Yap, PC Mag SEA
27-Dec-16 HerVantage
(1:30 PM)
HerVantage - Women in Entrepreneurship
2016 HerVantage Guests
26-Nov-15 Tech Talk
(12:00 PM) November 2015 Round Up
Victor Yap,
31-Dec-14 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Health Headlines - October to December
31-Dec-14 Live & Learn
(3:00 PM)
Year End Recap - October - December 2014
30-Dec-14 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Health Headlines - July to September
30-Dec-14 Live & Learn
(3:00 PM)
Year End Recap - August - October 2014
29-Dec-14 Health & Living
(4:00 PM)
Health Headlines - April to June
29-Dec-14 Live & Learn
(3:00 PM)
Year End Recap - May - July 2014
29-Dec-14 Front Row
(2:00 PM)
Looking Back at the Stage in 2014
Zalfian Fuzi, Artistic Director and MD, Theatre Associates | Richard Chua, Asia Theatreax
26-Dec-14 Tech Talk
(2:00 PM)
Best Stories of 2014
Matt Armitage, Kulturpop | Jeff Sandhu
07-Feb-14 Tech Talk
(12:30 PM)
Geek Year 2014
Matt Armitage, Kulturpop

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BBC World Service

11:00 AM

A Bit of Culture (REPEAT)

12:00 PM


Placemaking - Making Spaces Liveable Together; Shuhana Shamsuddin, President, Pereka Bandar

1:00 PM

Best of Enterprise (REPEAT)

VickedGood; Sheila Philip, VickedGood Vegan Bakery

1:30 PM

Raise Your Game (REPEAT)

Coaching The Brain; Joseph O’Connor, Founder, Neuroscience Coaching Centre

2:00 PM

Popcorn Culture (REPEAT)

Throwback - Aladdin (1992)

2:30 PM

Popcorn Culture (REPEAT)

Review - Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

3:00 PM


Metaverse - Is This The Unreal Life? Is This Just Fantasy?; Quentin Staes-Polet, Managing Director for Unreal Engine (EMEA/India/ASEAN), Epic Games

4:00 PM

Pick Of The Pops

6:00 PM

Wavelength (REPEAT)