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Making A Case for the Hybrid Work Model in 2022

Gibu Mathew, Vice President, Zoho for Asia Pacific


Will The Great Resignation Amplify The Freelance Movement?

Alejandro Kikuchi


Making Hybrid Work Actually Work


Is It Time To Go Back To The Office?

Shirley Tay, MRCA President


Post-Pandemic Recruitment: Trends, Questions, Methods

Nik Zawier, Co-Founder and CMO of Seeds Virtual Events | Derek Toh, Founder of Hiredly


Is Malaysia Ready For Permanently Flexible Work?

Natasha Yusof, Mercer’s Talent Strategy Lead in Malaysia


55% Of Malaysian Workers Staying With Current Employers

Fahad Naeem, Head of Operations at Randstad Malaysia


Working In The Future

Sheila Singam, Human Equation


MSP165. The Bottom Line: A Right To Disconnect

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


You May Not Be Allowed To Work Remotely, Even If You Want To


Over 40% Of The World Wants To Quit Their Jobs

Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams


Microsoft’s Hybrid Workplace Dial


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