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The Rise and Fall of a 'Caliph'

Dr. Ahmad El- Muhammady, Counter-Terrorism Analyst, International Islamic University Malaysia


A Military & Intelligence-Based Approach to Counter-terrorism and Personal Safety

Anthony J Tesar, CEO, Le Beck International


The Public Can Help Fight Terrorism

Uva Raj, Senior Consultant, Executive Protection and Corporate Risk Division, IACSP


Cash For Clunkers?

The Morning Run Crew


Would You Sacrifice Privacy for Safety?

The Morning Run Crew


Terrorism - Making Ready Recruits for Violence

Dr. Anne Speckhard, Director, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism


Marawi City - Battle Won, War Lost?

Rohan Gunaratna


Fighting Islamic Radicalism: Saudi Moderation?

Haziq Jani | Scott Lucas


London Attack Aftermath


Countering Cyber Terrorists?

Nur Jazlan Mohamed


NSC: Security-Liberty Trade-Off

Kumar Ramakrishna | Steven Thiru


Understanding ISIS's Jihad Media

Ahmad El-Muhammady, International Islamic University Malaysia | Dr Nik Roskiman bin Abdul Samad, IKIM FM


Countering the Terrorist Narrative

Thomas K. Samuel, Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Thomas K. Samuel, Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


How Terror Becomes Us

Bilveer Singh | Rudi Sukandar


Why Are Young People Attracted to ISIS?

Elina Noor, Director, Foreign Policy and Security Studies, Institute of Strategic and International Studies


Radicalization Down Under - Social or Religious Issue?

Hussain Nadim


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