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Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Diagnosis of Diseases?

Dr Evelyn Ho, Consultant Clinical Radiologist | Prof Ng Kwan Hoong, Medical Physicist and Professor, Department of Biomedical Imaging


Popcorn Culture - Supercut: Gender Swaps in Movies and TV


Is ‘Little Women’ Just For Women?

Fong Min Hun, Lit Books


I Read, Therefore I Influence

Sharon Bakar, editor and publisher


#225 - ft. JAY STONE, Jumping Back Slash, Tirzah

Tim Sharp


IBM Is Using Its AI To Predict How Employees Will Perform

Richard Bradbury | Christine Wong | Audrey Raj


Geeks Squawk - EP 348

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Miss Sherlock (Binge Watch #43)

Umapagan Ampikaipakan | Iain McNally | Bahir Yeusuff


The Right To Be Forgotten, Bill Gates & Cryptocurrencies, IBM’s Watson Is Going To Space

Richard Bradbury | Jeff Sandhu | Christine Wong


The Future of Travel is A.I.


Earpiece Translates 8 Languages, Canada Bans Cellphone Locking, Suntan From A Pill

Richard Bradbury | Arvindh Yuvaraj | Audrey Raj


Talkback Thursday: How important is it to be fair?


Watsons' Legenda Cun Raya - What Went Wrong?

Iain McNally | Bahir Yesuff


Watsons Advertisement Goes Off-Key

The Morning Run Crew

IBM Bluemix Garage

IBM Bluemix Garage

Rachel Reinitz, IBM Bluemix Group | Shawn Murray, IBM Bluemix Group


The Circle (At the Movies #161)

Iain McNally | Bahir Yeusuff


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