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Avoiding Employment Scams

Cilia Rasasegram, HR Consultant and Chief Experience Officer, Kindler Employee Experience Project


Are You Concerned About Your Health Screenings?

Associate Professor Dr Adina Abdullah, Department of Primary Care Medicine, Faculty Of Medicine, University of Malaya


A Road Trip in the Volvo V60 Wagon

Daniel Fernandez, Managing Editor,


Don't Be A Fool For Scams

Kevin Neoh, Licensed Financial Planner, VKA Wealth Planners


Popek Popek Parlimen: Do You Have Political Will?


Love Can Co$t A Thing

Nadiah Syariani Md Shariff , Criminologist & Forensic Science Lecturer , Management & Science University


Online Scams: What, How and Why

Emad Nurdin, Co-Founder, Swifty | Linnet Lee, CEO, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) | Elaine Fernandez, Social Psychologist and Head of the Psychology Department, HELP University


Cryptocurrencies, What A Wild Ride

Varun Mittal, Author of Singapore: The Fintech Nation


Today on Twitter: Online Scams and All That Jazz


More Generation Zs Falling To Online Scams

Chiang Kai, CTO of V-Key


The Journey To Full Vaccination


As Money Scams Rise, How Do I Spot Them And What Can I Do?

Linnet Lee, CEO, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia


The Dark Web is Bursting with Covid-19 Vaccines, Vaccine Passports For Cheap


Beware Of WhatsApp Scammers


Of Trusted Mechanisms & Stronger Authentication Methods

Claus Hansen, Entrust


Pain Points Still Exist

Nirmala Subramaniam, Manager at the Financial Education Department, AKPK


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Dr. Jillian Ooi, Seagrass Ecologist and Senior Lecturer, University of Malaya

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The Breakfast Grille Repeat

Dr. Jillian Ooi, Seagrass Ecologist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaya

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Live & Learn

Impact & Sustainability; Suzanne Mooney, Founder, Lost Food Project

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Earth Matters

The ABC's of Biodiversity: River Terrapins; Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok, President, Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

4:05 PM

Health & Living

Be Fit Malaysians: Take A Hike (But Do It Right); Dr Harjeet Singh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon; Dr Ahmad Suhailan Mohamed, Emergency Physician

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