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MSP144: I Am Robot: A Post Work World

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


MSP143: Endsourcing: 2020 & the Mainstreaming of Automation

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Robots As Restaurant Servers?


MSP138: Normal for Networks: Computer Says No.

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Animatronics - The Future Of Zoos?

Andrew Sebastian, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ecotourism and Conservation Society, Malaysia (ECOMY)


Geeks Squawk Ep 438

Matt Armitage,


Getting Comfy With Conversational AI

Ravi Saraogi, Co-Founder and President of Uniphore APAC


Geeks Squawk Ep 434

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Navigating The Future of Work

Nimal Manuel, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company Malaysia


MSP123: Gen-C: The Automation Nation

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Voice of SMEs - DF Automation & Robotics

Yeong Che Fai, Co-Founder and Director at DF Automation and Robotics


Geeks Squawk Ep432

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop | Jin Xi, CEO of Poladrone


MSP116: Science is Sick #6: Pass the Insect Butter

Matt Armitage, Kulturpop


Making Bots Into Beings

Vic Sithasanan & Chris Greenough of Hyperlab


One Bot To Rule Them All


Are Robots The Answer To Our F&B Woes?

Catherine Goh, General Manager of Santan & T&Co


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10:00 AM

Breaking Bread

In the Kitchen - Orange Tea; Loh Yi Jun

11:00 AM

A Bit of Culture (REPEAT)

12:00 PM

I Love KL

What Makes A City?; Chau Loon Wai, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Built, Environment and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (REPEAT)

1:00 PM

Best of Enterprise

Never‌ ‌Too‌ ‌Young‌ ‌To‌ ‌Be‌ ‌Woke‌; Unis Amin (REPEAT)

1:30 PM

Raise Your Game

The Butterfly Effect #9: The Strength Of Your HR System; Hetal Doshi(REPEAT)

2:00 PM

Popcorn Culture

Popcorn Culture - Throwback Tuesday: The King's Speech (REPEAT):

2:30 PM

Popcorn Culture

Popcorn Culture - Review: The Crown Season 4 (REPEAT):

3:00 PM

Earth Matters

Start ‘em Young - Youth Activists Tackling the Climate Crisis; Julian Theseira, Project Manager, Malaysian Local Conference of Youth 2020 (MY LCOY 2020) (REPEAT)

4:00 PM

Pick Of The Pops

POTP Episode 373: One Hit Wonders from the 1960s to 1980s; Patrick Teoh

6:00 PM


Superstrobe With Shelhiel; Shelhiel (REPEAT)

7:00 PM

Take Five (REPEAT)

9:00 PM

The Flow (REPEAT)