Powering Through The Pandemic: Crowdsourcing Face Shields

Adrian Wong, TeaMa Face Shield
Powering Through The Pandemic: Crowdsourcing Face Shields

28 April 2020

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Produced by: Arvindh Yuvaraj
Presented by: Arvindh Yuvaraj

A steady supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial to lessen the strain on hospitals and medical personnel in the fight against COVID-19. To ensure that masks for high-risk wards are only used by those who need it the most, the local 3D printing community has taken it upon themselves to print face shields to be used in other areas of the hospital. We speak to Adrian Wong, founder of TeaMa Face Shield, about crowdsourcing PPE, challenges of keeping donations going, as well as the future of these “overnight measures” once the MCO is lifted. 

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