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Acxyn - Helping Gaming Studios Better Monetise Intellectual Property

John Schneider, Co-Founder and CEO, Acxyn | Jason Loh, Co-Founder and CMO, Acxyn

04-Oct-23 10:00

Acxyn - Helping Gaming Studios Better Monetise Intellectual Property

Before Generative AI and ChatGPT was the talk of the town, there was web3. Although the budding industry has taken a hit since the fall of FTX and other key players in the space, the industry is far from dead.

IP tokenization platform Acxyn wants to use its IP valuation framework to help game developers and studios better monetise the intellectual property they create, whether it’s in-app items or the source code itself, via tokenization. This taps into the same technology behind NFTs but aimed to redefining game monetization and investment by improving the visibility and value of IP so that gaming studios can potentially tap into new revenue streams.

In the longer term, it hopes to facilitate the infusion of foreign IPs and foreign investments into Malaysia to ultimately position Malaysia as a global gaming hub that attracts international game studios and investments.

To break down what this all entails, how they are building this, and how they will achieve these aspirations, we speak with the co-founders of Acxyn, CEO John Schneider and CMO Jason Loh.

Produced by: Roshan Kanesan

Presented by: Roshan Kanesan

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