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26-Jun-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:06 PM)
Would You Buy From A Virtual Influencer?
Richard Bradbury | Freda Liu | Arvindh Yuvaraj
21-May-19 Resource Centre
(11:05 AM)
You Need Your Own Jarvis
Sakari Kuikka, Universal Robots
17-May-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:05 PM)
This is Not Mind Reading, Even Though It Really Looks Like it.
Richard Bradbury | Jeff Sandhu | Audrey Raj
16-May-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:05 PM)
Our Future Mentors Could Be Artificially Intelligent
Richard Bradbury | Arvindh Yuvaraj | Jeff Sandhu
02-May-19 Tech Talk
(11:05 AM)
Improving Life with AI
Dr Marko Kesti, CEO of Playgain and Research Director University of Lapland in Finland
09-Apr-19 The Breakfast Grille
(8:04 AM)
IBM, On the Path to Reinvention.
Harriet Green, CEO and Chairman, IBM Asia Pacific
02-Apr-19 Resource Centre
(1:04 PM)
Can We Take The “Human” Out Of Human Resources?
Vikrant Khanna, Alight Solutions
29-Mar-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:03 PM)
You Can’t Have My Data, Unless...
Richard Bradbury | Arvindh Yuvaraj | Audrey Raj
28-Mar-19 Tech Talk
(11:03 AM)
Unlocking the Full Potential of AI in Malaysia
Dr Dzahar Mansor, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Malaysia
25-Mar-19 Enterprise Biz Bytes
(12:03 PM)
Would You Interview For A Job Via Text?
Richard Bradbury | Freda Liu | Christine Wong
15-Mar-19 The Property Show
(9:03 AM)
Jarvis in Your Microsuite?
Sam Helmy, CEO, Neovate Developments
28-Feb-19 The 6AM Stretch
(6:02 AM)
Papa Don't Preach
The Morning Run Crew
12-Feb-19 Resource Centre
(11:02 AM)
When Robots Take Over Your Jobs
Feon Ang, LinkedIn Asia Pacific
07-Feb-19 Open For Business
(10:02 AM)
Weight Loss & Good Health At Your Fingertips
Alexandra Prabaharan, HealthifyMe Malaysia
24-Jan-19 Open For Business
(10:01 AM)
Changing The Way Companies Do Business
Fabrice Saporito, Koble
07-Jan-19 101
(6:01 PM)
101: Facial Recognition Technology
Freddy CY Lee, Chief Technology Officer, IBM

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Cherian Varghese, Regional Managing Director and Vice President of ASEAN & SAGE, Oracle

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Cherian Varghese, Regional Managing Director and Vice President of ASEAN & SAGE, Oracle

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The role of youth, women and religion in development

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Be Fit Malaysians #12: Stem Cells for Cartilage Repair

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